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Me Too raised £1905 through a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2018 with Indiegogo. As part of our crowdfunding campaign, a portion of what we raised was donated in September 2018 to ActionAid who have campaigns to end violence against women and girls. 

We are keen to ensure that every person working on this film is paid. The current culture of working for free is preventing working-class people from being able to access the industry. 

We are currently raising additional funds to meet our minimum budget to produce the film. This is through applying to other funding rounds and seeking private investment.

thanks to our funders

Adaeze Okpara
Amandine Gay
Amelia Ewu

Amélie Ineza
Andrew Odong
Andrew Watson
Annie Moreton
Armand Golpaygani
Arthur Schickel
Axelle Fidelin
Bianciotto Léonard
Carys Afoko
Cecilia Langle
Diahala Doucoure
Diane Saint-Réquier
Dorcasse Konan
Elmira Zadissa
Floella Bradbury
Irène Cadavid
Ismaël Sow
Jenny O'Gorman
Joanna Merry
Jody Stillwater
Johanna Yaovi
Kancel Maëlla
Karl Williams
Katherine Sladden
Kieran Akhtar
Laetitia Lefebvre
Lauren Bastide
Laurence Wegner
Lucy Ignatiadis
Maia Clarke
Marie Minet
Marie-Julie Chalu
Marion Quesne
Meri Okou
Moses Ssebandeke
Nadia Denton
Nadira Murray
Naomi Sarah Westland
Nico Pimparé
Olivier Tharan
Patricia Hetherington
Paul Cahill
Peter Muffett
Peter Slucock
Petrus Petrus
Raghda Heikal
Reuben Massiah
Rimike Omolekulo
Science Showoff Talent Factory
Shola Amoo
Tiphaine Valois
Tobi Kyeremateng
Toyin Agbetu
Yomi Adegoke

and the anonymous donators

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