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"When I was 14, construction work started in my middle school to build a new gym. In the meantime, me and the other girls had to change in a temporary building adjacent to the construction site. One day, one of the teachers walked in and told us that the construction workers were peeping at us through the windows, and we had to be careful. That was it. 
Back then I was already used to street harassment. 2 years earlier, as I was walking home with my mum, a man had stopped me to ask me out. He didn’t seem to mind that I was only 12. 
I was told that I should cover up. That it was my fault for wearing grown up clothes, for having a grown up body at a young age."

Aude Konan - Writer/Director

Written in 2013, Me Too is a short film tackling sexual harassment and abuse of young girls. Members of the team experienced unwanted sexual attention when they were teenagers. It was commonplace to be preyed on by older men. As the Me Too movement has gone viral, countless women have finally had the chance to be heard. However, girls and teenagers are frequently left out of the conversation ... even though their youth does not prevent them from being victims. Our film aims to empower young women and girls and make them realise that they’re not alone. 


Aude Konan

  • Twitter - Grey Circle

Aude has written many short films and directed two. She has also written for The Guardian, Complex Magazine, Media Diversified, Londonist, Amina, and more. She is a published author and a playwright that has worked with companies at The Royal Court, Talawa, Soho Theatre and Stratford East.


Patricia Hetherington

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Patricia Hetherington is a short-form content producer and educator. She has produced 35 short films and has worked on over 70 film projects. She runs the Action On The Side filmmaking project in London and teaches media to FE students.

Our Amazing Crew

Director of Photography: Gerard Puigmal

1st Assistant Camera: Jecelnena Gubatan

First Assistant Director: Linzy Attenborough

Production Assistant: Lucy Sam

Sound Recordist: Geoffrey Pheasant

Make-Up Artist: Maria Samuel

Stills Photographer: Chris Bourton

Editor: Emily Bussell

Sound Designer: Rob Colquhoun

Colourist: Romain Kedochim, Soda Visual

Composer: Dorrell Ettienne

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